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About Us

SpiderMaker is a 3D printer filament brand launched by Pan Asian Plastics Corporation, which develops a diverse array of high-quality printing products
In recent years, the "DIY(do-it-yourself)movement" has orivided an opportunity for people to express their creativity and bring their ideas to life. It is also an era where in 3D printers play a major role and should be fully equipped.
Embracing 3D printing in this endless reservoir of creativity is like embodying the resilients spider thar tirelessly weaves its web thread by thread, creating an intricate pattern.
With over 50 years of technical experience and expertise, Pan Asian Plastics Corporation offers fine quality printing materials that are strong and durable like a spider's tenacious web, as its product name(SpiderMaker -a blend of the words "Spider" and "Maker") implies. The company promotes self-expression and creativity with the SpiderMaker, enabling users to bring their ideas and imagination to life.
Unleash your creativity!
SpiderMaker makes your world come to life with vibrant colors
Filament quality determines the success or failure of 3D printing
Backed by leading experts in the field of materials chemistry as well as top-notch precision instruments, Pan Asian Plastics Corporation capitalizes on its abundant experience in the research and developent of polyester material, in order to produce unique, durable, and aesthetically pleasing printin materials.
Aside from materials, SpiderMaker is focused on creative inspiration. For this reason, it emphasizes three aspects to facilitate and achieve a smooth and effective 3D printing experience
A spider spins its intricate web with a strong and tenacious thread
We look forward to taking this creative journey with you!If you have individual requirements, or are unable to find a suitable filament, SpiderMaker is more than happy to customize and create a filament spcifically designed according to your needs to help you adapt to the new 3D printing landscape!
In the future, the company will continue to develop inspirational, functional and aesthetically pleasing filaments.Beyond Taiwan, SpiderMaker is a pioneering filament brand that has made its mark on global stage.
Let SpiderMaker help you realize your dreams