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Artist Color Assignment│SpiderMaker's special color schemes

SpiderMaker collaborated with world-renowned 3D printing artist Amao Chan(陳學建) to select nature-inspired colors, introducing 17 warm colors that are rarely seen in the 3D printing world.
In this color series, every color is warm and visually pleasing, which perfactly depicts everyday life. This allows you to utilze harmonious color combinatrions, thereby improving your work's aesthetic quality.
Together, lets make every piece of work showcase your uqique style.

Spidermaker's carefully selected colors were chosen to emphasize a multitude of aesthetics. Good color choices should be in harmony with the work. The correct colors should allow your work to stand out; it should not be the colors that stand out. A well composed melody is a delight to the ears, but just one off-key note can cause the listener to cringe. It is for similar reasons that filament color schemes should be chosen carefully. When choosing our color schemes, we worked with respected professionals who have thought about this issue at length. Xue-Jian Chen designed this color collection with a unifying theme. He first prepared all the fundamental colors but designed them in a manner that was unique to what is already on the market. Choosing a more composed color palette, he decided upon heavier tones such as those seen in oil paintings. The color coordination was much easier and not as glaring as that of pure color tones.